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"I played professionally for a number of years both in the U.S. and abroad. I currently coach at St. Joseph's College in Indiana and have used TSF as a guideline to develop a fitness manuel for the program.

Last year was my first season there and both teams had no previous training program and were clearly unfit. I like how TSF very clearly lays out the various stages of the year round fitness program, and explains the signifigance of each step.

With my experience as a player and as a fitness nut I found more truth in TSF than any other fitness manual."

Eric R, Coach & Ex Pro Player
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"I can't speakly highly enough of the Total Soccer Fitness package. It is so in-depth yet so simple to follow. I know it's something I will turn to at the start of every season to plan our training programme.

Total Soccer Nutrition make such an over complicated subject so easy to follow and there is so much information in there I can apply with my team. Outstanding!"

Jimmy P, Soccer Coach, UK
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"I bought Total soccer Fitness for my 16 year old son who is desperate to play professionally. He is very enthusiastic and took on board the principles in the book. He trains most days, either on his own or with his team and I know he is making great progress.

We don't know if he'll ever realize his dream of playing at the top level but this resource gives him the best chance!"

Christine W, Soccer Mom
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"This is an incredible resource. Very comprehensive, simple to follow and something I can cancome back to again and again."

Philip M., Coach, Ireland
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"I used Total Soccer Fitness to improve my fitness during preseason. I also used it to get back to full fitness after injury. This has been my best season in years and I'm enjoying playing as much as when I was 10 years old. I hope to make steady improvements and will start to apply the guidelines in Total Soccer Nutrition."

Mark L, Player, UK
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""I coach all ages at soccer and I'm always looking for new information to improve my knowledge and ability. This is the best book I've read on soccer fitness. There's a lot of great information that is easy to apply on the training field. As a coach it saves me time thinking up new drills and I now know how to structure a high quality training program. Thanks!""

Andy D., Coach and Semi Pro Player
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"One of the best sports conditioning resources (for any sport) I've ever used — and I've seen a lot in my time! It shows you exactly how to achieve a level of fitness that only the pros used to be privy to. Follow the guidelines in this book and I guarantee your game will improve leaps and bounds"

Edgar Leoni, Strength & Conditioning Specialist Australia
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"Well, I've just been offered a full-ride scholarship and I can't believe it! I've worked hard to get there and I used Total Soccer Fitness for to get fit for the game. I know I'll use it again and again. Thanks!"

Jarred C, Soccer Player, Washington
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"The book has been very helpful, particularly the exercise programs. I am working with my 11-year old daughter and seven of her teammates during the offseason on a speed and agility program I put together from your book. I designed four different 1-hour sessions that I rotate between.

The girls really have fun with the workouts, but it's too soon to tell whether it will improve their speed or quickness (We did a baseline test before we started the workouts, and I will test them again after 12 weeks to see if there was any progress.) I'll let you know if there is an improvement from the baseline tests as a gauge to the effectiveness of the workouts."

Larry W
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"I've always been a fit player - one of the fittest on my team but Total Soccer Fitness has shown me a whole new level. I've followed the drills and programs inside and I am definitely fittest I've ever been! As a result I much more consistent and I the amount of energy I have really has increased my confidence. I recommend Total Soccer Fitness to any player or coach."

John M., Soccer Player
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"Well done on producing an excellent resource for soccer. As a Strength & Conditioning specialist working with several teams it's really helped me to design high quality programs that get results. Whenever I'm stuck for ideas I know I can use the drills to quickly put an effective session together."

Michael S, Trainer, Coach
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"I have applied the principles in Total Soccer Fitness for over a season now. Last year was our best ever and was due in no small part to being a very fit team. My players not only seem fitter but are more skillful yet we do very little skill work with them. Many of our players have said they feel like they can run all day and we've even have some slow players who yu would now call quick. Total Soccer Fitness is very well presented, very professional and very effective."

Arthur M., Soccer Coach
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Want to play with an unshakeable self-confidence... and have an outstanding game week in, week out?

"New Soccer Conditioning Program Guarantees You'll Be Playing The Best Soccer of Your Life... No Matter How Much More 'Natural Ability' Your Opposition Might Have"

Until now, only a handful of top professionals and hand-picked amateurs have been able to learn these incredible conditioning principles that practically guarantees you will always be in serious contention for “player of the match”... Now, with the release of this powerful soccer fitness system, you can become the very best player (or team) you are capable of, in no time at all!

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If you’ve ever wanted to play this game to the very best of your ability... week-in, week-out, so that you (or your entire team) are regularly amongst the best in your division... then this could be the most exciting thing you ever read.

Here’s the story: We’ve all seen players that lack any real skill and technique but whose speed and power makes them deadly effective. These are the same players that are often despised by their more talented team-mates (players who are usually left to the warm the subs bench).

Most coaches agree that there is no substitute for technical ability. But when the stakes are raised and the standard is high enough, there is only ONE criteria a coach looks for in a player...

How effective they are on the field.

It doesn’t matter how much skill and natural ability you have. If you can’t apply it consistently in a game situation, then you won’t even get picked in the starting eleven. And you certainly won’t fulfil any ambitions you have of playing at a higher level.

Compare that to the ungainly player who trips themselves up just trying the simplest of tricks but who has the blistering speed and basic ball control to frighten any defence.

Soccer, at EVERY level of the game, is littered with players who lack poise and finesse. But they more than make up for their technical shortfalls with natural athleticism. Remember this...

Skill can only be applied within the boundaries of physical fitness.

Here’s the key to consistent success in soccer: When you finally learn the REAL secrets to becoming super-fit for soccer, blending proven sports-science with a desire to succeed...

It will literally transform your game... far more than
any amount of technical practise or tactical coaching

Better yet...

The right conditioning program will work for ANYONE...

Don’t think you have to be some kind of naturally blessed athlete endowed with favourable genetics. Nor do you have to spend hours everyday training or sucking down expensive “performance enhancing” supplements. The bottom line is you can apply these closely-guarded principles almost immediately...

  • No matter what shape you’re in now...

  • No matter what your current skill-level is...

It’s astonishingly easy. These training principles are simple to “get”. And best of all...

You Can See Everything
For FREE If You Choose!

Here’s the deal: Everything has bee laid out step-by step in a killer e-book called “Total Soccer Fitness”. It contains the same drills, sessions and programs used by the world's top players and teams. More importantly...

What Total Soccer Fitness reveals to you will make you a faster, fitter, stronger and more deadly effective player, whatever your skill level.

This means you’ll suddenly play with more energy, more confidence and greater consistency than you ever believed possible (while everyone around you fades and falls victim to fatigue)… and you’ll win plenty of accolades.

Yes, even against more gifted, more experienced opponents.

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to learn:

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Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance Conditioning

Imagine being fresh and strong in the latter stages of a game when everyone else around you is fading fast.. As a coach, imagine your players revelling in the final 20 minutes as the opposition literally crumbles. That's what soccer-specific endurance conditioning can bring. In this section you'll discover:

  • The difference between AEROBIC and ANAEROBIC endurance and why both are equally important in soccer.
  • more effective — continuous or interval training?
  • How to recover quickly after several, successive high intensity sprints.
  • The most effective training methods to deal with the debilitating build up of lactic acid (one drill performed just twice a week will amaze you!).
  • How to guarantee that your sprints are as quick in the final 10 minutes of a game as they are in the first 10 minutes.
  • How to exericse in the off / closed season so that you maintain most of your fitness AND allow your body to recuperate.
  • The best way to recover quickly after an tough match and reduce those aches and pains.
  • Fully illustrated, comprehensive drills (with and without a ball) that are simple to implement but devastatingly effective.
  • Precise training sessions and a how endurance conditioning MUST alter over the course of your season.



Strength & Explosive Power Conditioning

Muscular strength forms the foundation of nearly all athletic movements. Not only is it crucial for resisting challenges and winning tackles, the right type of strength will increase your speed, range of passing and jumping ability. Here's what you'll discover:

  • Why lifting weights in the traditional "3 sets of 10 reps" is a waste of time for soccer players.
  • The four phases of a strength training program and exactly when they should occur.
  • Periodization explained... in the simplest of terms and how you can use it even if you only train 2 days a week.
  • The most effective way to prevent long-term injury with THE most important phase of any strength program.
  • How to develop maximal strength, breathtaking explosive power AND superb strength endurance WITHOUT one compromising the other.
  • Core strength training and how to develop your "center of power".
  • The most important type of strength for soccer and whether traditional weightlifting can actually be detrimental.
  • How to use plyometrics safely and effectively to increase your power (and speed) and your jumping ability (great for goal keepers and winning aerial challenges).
  • Plently of precise, sample strength programs and sessions... all with exact sets and reps.
  • The best strength & power exercises for soccer (you won't find these in fitness magazines or general weight lifting books).
  • Sample circuit training routines specifically designed for soccer that combine strength and endurance (and require next to no equipment.
  • Dozens of illustrated images so you know exactly how to perform each exercise correctly and safely.



Speed, Agility & Quickness Conditioning

Speed and quickness separates the outstanding players from the average - the successful teams from the runners up. As the standard increase... so does the speed of play. But being quick involves much more than just the ability to run fast. Total Soccer Fitness shows you how a quick player can be made... regardless of genetic make up.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Powerful drills to develop lightning speed off the mark and blazing acceleration over 10-15 yards.
  • How to combine strength, power and flexibility training so you, or your team are, as fast as possible.
  • SAQ training, what it consists of and lots of sample drills.
  • How to train for speed with and without the ball.
  • Exactly when speed training should occur in the annual training plan.
  • How to use speed ladders for soccer-specific agility and how you can save money by making your own!
  • Speed endurance training and why it can have such a great impact on performance.

Goalkeepers Not Left Out... For Once!


Each chapter of Total Soccer Fitness ends with a section for goalkeepers. Most coaching and conditioning books leave them out... even when they are the first name on the team sheet!

If you're a goalkeeper or coach you'll be pleased to know Total Soccer Fitness covers ALL the important conditioning principles and drills for this all-important position!



Flexibility Conditioning & Stretching for Soccer

This has to be the most undervalued aspect of any conditioning program. It's a shame because increasing flexibility can significantly reduce your risk of injury (both acute and chronic injuries) and it can also increase your speed and power. You'll be more agile and by increasing your body awareness it can improve your technical skill and ability too.

  • Learn the different types of stretching and which is best to increase your range of movement
  • Discover which type of stretching you should avoid before a game or training session and why (most players and coaches still make this mistake)
  • Use the detailed soccer stretching program complete with stretching images to increase your flexibility



Warming Up & Cooling Down (More Important Than You Might Think)

"Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail." The warm up and cool down are arguably the most important part of any training session. In Total Soccer Fitness, you'll see:

  • A step-by-step warm up and cool down routine that prepares you physically AND mentally for a game
  • How long a warm should be, what it should consist of and the right level of intensity
  • The best way to cool down and whether it really can prevent muscle soreness the day after



Scientifically Testing Your Level of Soccer Fitness

In less than one afternoon, with nothing more than some very basic equipment, you can build a complete physical profile of yourself or your players (and have a bit of fun in the process). The data you collect will be priceless and many specialist centers would charge you hundreds of dollars for a similar report. Armed with your own fitness stats you can design an ultra-specific program that will maximize your results in the shortest possible time. You'll also discover:

  • How to set up a test battery that is perfect for soccer
  • Sample field tests for maximal strength, strength endurance, speed, speed endurance, aerobic endurance, flexibility and agility (all requiring very little specialist equipment)
  • Statistics for professional players so you can compare your results with the best of the best
  • Norms and ranges to compare your results against (that way it's easy to highlight any weaknesses that you work on straight away)
  • What order to perform tests in and why getting it wrong could invalidate all your results

Note For Soccer Coaches...

Coaches whistle

Once you have tested your players at the start of pre-season, develop a team plan that focuses on all the elements of fitness. Give individual players drills they can perform away from team training that focuses on their individual weaknesses. This is what professional clubs do and it's easier than you think...


And most importantly of all... Total Soccer Fitness shows you exactly how to put together the very best program based on YOUR needs.

Total Soccer Fitness Ebook Cover

You could choose to work on just one component of soccer fitness – your strength & power perhaps or your endurance for example, and it will make a tremendous difference. Or... you could go all-out and become the complete player and the most respected member of your team.

Total Soccer Fitness has been designed with "everyday" soccer coaches and players in mind. Whether you can train 2 days a week or 5, whether you just want to improve your stamina or only your speed you can do so with ease and to a greater level than you ever imagined. And you'll also be given:

    TickDetailed pre-season programs based on how much training time YOU or your team have available.

    TickPrecise programs for the in-season and off-season.

    TickA step-by-step guide to creating your own custom made, soccer conditioning program even if you're part way through the season already.

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Five FREE Bonuses That Every
Soccer Coach & Player Will Love!

For a limited time, Total Soccer Fitness comes with these five astonishing FREE bonus ebooks. But don't worry... you don't have to read hundreds and hundreds of pages before you can start using this cutting edge soccer training system!

FREE BONUS #1: The Soccer Exercise Library - Over 100 Drills & Exercises Specifically Designed fo Soccer Players

Soccer Exercise Library Ebook Cover

Written so that it corresponds easily with the main Total Soccer Fitness manual, "The Soccer Exercise Library" is a coaching dream...

Each section contains dozens of sample drills and exercises based around a single element of fitness - aerobic endurance or explosive power for example.

Each section is also split into "drills with the ball" and "drills without the ball". As a player or coach it's important to incorporate both types of drills into conditioning sessions...

The addition of a ball makes training more soccer-specific and helps players to transfer fitness gains on to the pitch. Drills without a ball allow for the maximum amount of physical effort -- crucial for reaching the highest levels of speed and strength a player is capable of.

Here's a sample drill from The Soccer Exercise library:

Interval Drill

Of course... each drill is explained clearly and concisely with coaching pointers where appropriate.

Nearly all of the drills require little or no equipment (obviously the exception is the strength training section). Just a few cones, a soccer pitch, running track or a local playing field is all you require. Many of the drills can even be performed in your own back yard.


Ladder Drill
Here is another sample drill: It's one of the few drills that requires a piece of sports equipment - in this case an agility ladder. But guess what?

If you don't own an agility ladder and don't want to buy one (they tend to be over priced for what they are), Total Soccer Fitness shows you how to make your own - dirt cheap and just as effective!


Plyometric Drill

The Soccer Exercise Library contains dozens of strength training exercises, circuit training exercises and explosive power drills...

Here is one of the plyometric drills... Plyometrics is a very simple yet very effective way to convert muscular strength into explosive power but you MUST follow some important guidelines for it to be effective. Needless to say, Total Soccer Fitness covers plyometric training completely.



Soccer Specific StretchAs a soccer player you can cherry-pick exercises that suit your own needs and preferences safe in the knowledge they are making you a fitter and better player.

As a soccer coach or trainer imagine how much time you will save planning training sessions and thinking up new drills for your players.

Valued at $17.00 - Your's FREE!


FREE BONUS #2: Total Soccer Nutrition:
Eating For Soccer Peak Performance

Nutrition Ebook Cover

How could a total resource for soccer conditioning be complete without a section on proper nutrition fr the sport? It couldn't of course! But nutrition needs more than just a chapter.

Instead "Total Soccer Nutrition" - a downloadable e-book - accompanies "Total Soccer Fitness". It's the perfect addition and will allow you to attain the very most from your training. Here's what it covers:

  • Macronutrients - Carbohydrate, Fat & Protein
    How much should a soccer player be eating of each? Which is the best before, during and after a game? Plus a sample day's eating plan.
  • Micronutrients - Vitamins & Minerals
    Do Soccer players need more vitamins and minerals than the average population? Should you consider taking a vitamin supplement?
  • Pre and Post Game Eating
    When, what and how much should you eat before a game? How to refuel after a match and just how important it is. Timing is everything - learn how to avoid limiting drops in blood sugar before you play.
  • Fluid Replacement
    Learn how much to drink and when. Should you use carbohydrate drinks and which are the best? You'll even learn how to make your own!
  • Sports Supplement Review
    They claim the world but often fail to deliver! Ten of the most popular sports supplements (including creatine) are critically reviewed. No bias, no ulterior motives - just a clear and objective review of the scientific evidence.
Valued at $17.00 - Your's FREE!


FREE BONUS #3: Total Soccer Psychology: 10 Powerful Mental Techniques For Soccer Peak Performance

Psychology Ebook CoverEvery athlete, every soccer player has the potential to play to their best week in, week out.

Most players don't realize just what they are capable of. You spend time conditioning your body - do the same for your mind - and witness the transformation on the field.

The tools and techniques in this e-book will help you:

  • Master and perfect new skills quicker than ever
  • Switch on a feeling of absolute confidence and self-belief when you need it
  • Model the players you most admire so you can play more like them
  • Deal with intimidating opponents or team mates easily
  • Cope with feelings of anxiety and nervousness that can strip you of energy
  • Prepare for each game so you play with a greater consistency and enjoyment than ever before
  • Set and achieve goals for your soccer career (whether it's to play professionally or just have your best season ever!)
  • Eliminate negative beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs
Valued at $10.00 - Your's FREE!


FREE BONUS #4: Smoothies For Athletes: 120 Delicious Recipes For Energy & Recovery

Smoothies For Athletes Book Cover

Designed specifically with athletes in mind, the mouth-watering, vitamin-packed shakes deliver are an ideal snack and post-match meal.

Just take a look at just some of the mouth-watering recipes inside:

  • Peaches & Dreams Smoothie
  • Orange Pineapple Smoothie
  • Passionate Peach Smoothie
  • Peanut Butter Sundae Smoothie
  • Pecan Pie Smoothie
  • Peppermint Smoothie
  • Rainbow Smoothie
  • Pineapple Papaya Smoothie
  • Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Smoothies are so quick and easy to make. They are the ultimate convenience health food. And if you are expending a lot of time training, then you will need to replace your carbohydrate stores quickly.

Fruit has a high glycemic index (you'll learn about that in Total Soccer Nutrition) which is why it's the prefered snack of professionals after a tough game.

Valued at $10.00 - Your's FREE!

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Just to be absolutely clear...

When you order the Total Soccer Fitness package today here's what you'll get:



Total Soccer Fitness

price "The complete conditioning resource for
players and coaches at all levels..."



The Soccer Exercise Library

price "Over 100 conditioning drills and exercises
specifically designed for soccer players..."



Total Soccer Nutrition

price "How to eat and drink for soccer peak



Total Soccer Psychology

price "10 powerful mental techniques for soccer
peak performance..."



Smoothies for Athletes

price "120 delicious recipes for energy and recovery..."


Total price

(if purchased seperately):

Dont worry... this is only the price you would pay for all of these SEPERATELY. Read below for the special "limited time" discounted price.


You already know that soccer is one of THE most physically demanding games there is...

Well... here, finally, are the pro-level secrets that will help you harness your energy, keep you fit, fast and strong right throughout the game… while you use your new athleticism to breeze past any opponent you face. World-class players know the value of the right conditioning program. It’s the KEY to being a great soccer player.

Want to try this amazing soccer conditioning system for yourself? You can... without risking a penny.

Here’s what to do now: Simply click here to order Total Soccer Fitness. The price is just $27.00 and you can pay securely by credit card or by Paypal. You will be able to access the program immediately.

You do not risk a penny by ordering now. Why? Because you are covered by a super-generous...


It's an Unconditional, "No Questions Asked" Promise

Here’s how it works: Order Total Soccer Fitness. Read it, use it, treat it as your own. If you are not completely thrilled by what you’ve learned after 8 weeks (plenty of time to apply the principles and experience the effects on the pitch!)… then I insist you request a full and fast refund of your full purchase price. And there’ll be no questions, no hassle and no hard feelings.






We’ve been in the Sports Training industry now for 7 years (you may be aware of our main website Sports Fitness Advisor). Reputation is everything online and we guard ours as closely as a bulldog guards his home. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Click here to order Total Soccer Fitness backed by out iron-clad, 8-week guarantee

Click here to order Total Soccer Fitness for just $27.00 backed by our iron-clad, 8-week guarantee:

Remember – you do not risk a penny. If you decide to return Total Soccer Fitness within your 8-week “check it out” period, you will have seen ALL these secrets for FREE. That’s how confident I am of this program. I know that when you apply what you learn and see the transformation in your game, you’ll realize that Total Soccer Fitness is worth at least a hundred times it’s monetary price.

You’ve probably spent a small fortune on soccer equipment and brand-name apparel already... none of which make s a blind bit of difference to your game. Why not float just a few dollars more for the insider training secrets of world-class players that will increase your enjoyment of the sport... and help you annihilate the competition? This is how you earn respect, awards and notoriety.

Order now. Don’t miss the boat. And start playing the best soccer of your life.

Best Regards,

Phil Davies, BSc.Hons, CSCS, CPT

P.S. If you have any questions about Total Soccer Fitness and the five free bonuses, please feel free to contact me via the contact form and I will personally send you a reply as swiftly as possible.

P.P.S. Please remember the 8-week, 100% money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk on your part. No reason is required and I will always honor a refund request (even if for some reason I refused, you can simply e-mail Clickbank who will issue you a refund the same day).


Total Soccer Fitness Package

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NOTE: Total Soccer Fitness is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and the bonus e-books onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on a Mac or PC.